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Silicone Solid Square Strips White 19.1mm 60ShA

Artikelnummer: 3018210

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Our silicone extrusions have excellent ozone/ radiation resistance, UV resistance and arc/corona resistance as well as electrical insulation properties. Supplied in a white colour.

Great for extreme temperatures -60°C to +200°C.

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Polymax solid silicone white square section is resilient and versatile. It is ideal for industries where adverse temperatures are an issue – or where an inert, robust polymer is required to be exposed to extreme temperatures (-60°C to +200°C). Our silicone extrusions also have excellent ozone/radiation resistance, UV resistance and arc/corona resistance. These properties are maintained well at high and low temperatures. Silicone section is not suitable for contact with oils, solvents, dilute alkalis or concentrated acids.

Products comply with industry standards, such as those of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation 21CFR177.2600 for rubber articles in repeated contact with food, and EC 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, and the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme BS69200 (WRAS).

Extra informatie

Sell by the metre Ja
Colour Wit
Materiaal Siliconen (VMQ)
Cross Sectie (mm) 19.1
Snoer Type Square
Hardheid (Shore A) 60
Hardheid (Shore 00) Nee
Maximale Temperatuur (°C) 230
Minimaal Temperatuur (°C) -60
Rek bij breuk % 400
Treksterkte (MPa) 10
Blijvende indrukking % 13
Blijvende indrukking proef methode 24hrs @150
*Dimensions can vary, they are typical only.